We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework which guides and tracks your child’s development from 0-5 years of age. The EYFS encourages children to learn through playing, exploring, being active and by developing creative and critical thinking. It supports the development of these skills by breaking down the Early Years curriculum into 7 areas of Learning and Development.

The 3 prime areas of development are the most important for all young children to develop and are the base from which all other knowledge will grow.

Communication and Language
Physical development
Personal, Social and Emotional development

As your child grows, they will begin to develop knowledge and understanding in 4 specific areas:

Understanding of the World
Expressive Arts and Design

We support the development of these skills through a range of activities and circle times, carefully planned for each individual child’s stage of development.


Each day our learning environment is set up with a range of activities that reflect the 7 areas of learning. These activities include lots of sensory messy play, a ‘quiet’ reading area, opportunities to exercise fine and gross motor skills, imaginative play with different animals/ puppets, water and sand trays. We also have topical activities related to our theme for the week.

For this age group we provide plenty of opportunities for the children to practice taking turns, communicating clearly what they like and don’t like and vocalising how they may be feeling. This is done through a range of stories, singing and games which support your child’s language acquisition. We focus on supporting independent play and encouraging the children to choose their own activities and ask for help if needed.

Our children take part in a daily circle time, planned by their key worker. In addition to stories and singing, the children also practise new skills such as putting on their coat or sorting a group of objects by colour. We begin to introduce early preschool routines as your child becomes more familiar with small group activities and accessing different areas of the Nursery.

Each term we invite specialist teachers to come and deliver a series of sessions for your child’s age group. These may include child’s yoga, singing, sports, dance and drama.

Our ‘pre-school’ children enjoy a balance of child-initiated and adult-led activities. They are supported to adapt and extend their own play ideas with their friends and are encouraged to make independent choices, use critical thinking and develop their social skills through working together on shared projects such as setting up a role play shop.

The children take part in small-group Literacy and Mathematics sessions which help to develop their listening and concentration skills in preparation for school. Our learning activities are shaped by each child’s interests and learning adventures as we support them in trying out new skills and tasks.

Each term we invite specialist teachers to come and deliver a series of sessions targeted towards your child’s age group. These may include child’s yoga, sports, singing, dance and drama.

We believe in teaching children about the environment and recycling from a young age, in order to build a foundation of respect and care as they grow older. The children are encouraged to look after their nursery environment by sorting, reusing and recycling our waste and learning the importance of working together and thinking about others.

Our Dandelions Wormery teaches the children about gardening, worms, compost and natural life cycles.  The children see for themselves how important worms are to our ecosystem and how they help to keep our soil full of nutrients that help our plants to grow.  Each day the children help to chop and prepare their fruit for snack time and place any waste into our food waste bin. Once a week the children use the waste from the food waste bin to feed the worms.  They love taking care of the worms and seeing what the worms create from our waste!

We welcome and value parental input and believe that it is important for children to witness the good relationships between parents and practitioners.

All of our adults help to guide and teach our children as they play and take part in daily circle times and focus activities. Our Key Workers individually observe and assess their development with reference to the EYFS and plan activities to enhance favourite play or to target skills that may need some extra practice.

In addition to daily chats when parents drop-off and collect, we also keep in touch with our parents through a weekly email which describes some of the activities that we have enjoyed throughout the week and our focus for the following week. We arrange parent/ teacher meetings at the end of each term and also provide parents with a written report of their child’s progress and development each term.

We use a safe online ‘Interactive Learning Journal’ to carry out observations and assessments of our children at the Nursery. The ILD has been especially designed to support the communication between Nursery and home and enable parents to keep up to date with their child’s progress. When parents login, they are able to view observations and photos of their child and keep updated on how their child is progressing with relation to the EYFS.

As part of our partnership with parents, we welcome and encourage parents to upload their own photos and observations from home via the ILD. This not only allows your child to feel pride in sharing his or her experiences and achievements at home, but also provides a fuller picture of your child’s development.

In addition to the online journal, each child’s Key Worker creates a physical scrapbook of the children’s time with us which includes their artwork . We share this with parents during parent/ teacher meetings and open mornings.